‘This is it,’ Rob whispered ominously. ‘Make or break. Handshake or heat-ray.’

TRUST is an anti-science-fiction novel by David Moody, author of the AUTUMN and HATER novels.

What is an anti-science-fiction novel? Moody describes TRUST as the story of ‘one man struggling to find his place in a rapidly changing world, which just happens to have recently been changed forever by the arrival of intelligent life from another planet. It’s exactly what WAR OF THE WORLDS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, V, and all the other alien invasion stories you remember isn’t.’

The book is about an ordinary man and his family, friends and relationships. As you’d expect, therefore, it contains strong language and some scenes of a sexual nature.

The novel is available to buy as a paperback, low price eBook, and limited edition hardcover with additional bonus content. You can also read the first 32 chapters – around three-quarters of the entire novel – here at this site.

“From gripping start to heart-pounding finish, this is a story that will shake you to the very core, resonating long after you’ve turned the final page.”Wayne Simmons, author of FLU and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

So far, so Alien Nation or District 9 you might be thinking, but Moody then takes everything you think you know about this scenario and flips in onto its shell.” —Shadowlocked

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